BeeHive BF Interchangeable Plates


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BeeHive BF Interchangeable Plates

These BeeHive BF Interchangeable Plates are perfect for those of you out there that want multiple colour BeeHive’s but don’t want to fork out £90 everytime.

Well these are just for you then.

Its easy to pop off the battery door, but how do we get out the other plate? well there is a little tiny hole on the bottom right hand side, just get something in there a pop! Change of doors.

We will be getting more colours coming in the near future but for now we have;

  • Crystal Green
  • Crystal Red
  • Honey
  • Golden

So make sure you keep an eye out for these, and other squonking parts we have coming in the very near future


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Crystal Green, Crystal Red, Honey, Golden, Red, Orange, Light Blue, Purple, Green, White

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