AvidLyfe Inc. prides itself on our quality manufacturing and originality of our products. We are known for manufacturing some of the best “competition mods” in the community, and strive everyday to continue that tradition. From paper to production, we continue to push the envelope with new competition mods.

As AvidLyfe Inc. continues to grow and expand, we continue to advocate for Vapor’s Rights. We have built a reputation for high quality products, advocacy and great customer service. We will strive to uphold that reputation currently and in our future endeavors.

Avid Lyfe Inc. has become more than just a manufacturer within the Vape Community; we have become ACTivist. For many, this isn’t a hobby; it’s a lifestyle, a brotherhood, a community and a movement fighting for the “right to vape”. Along with all of our supporters, we have become a World-Wide Vape movement and family. As a company that only creates Competition Mods for ZERO nicotine use, we advocate daily for Professional Vaping. AV strives to push the limits of our manufacturing and marketing to help promote Professional Vaping and move towards a day when it is a recognized sport. We achieve these historical task by being a Media/Manufacturing Powerhouse, consistently spreading Vape knowledge world-wide. If we combine all of Avid Lyfe’s media platforms, we have an impressive 500,000 (approximate) followers at our fingertips.

With Iconic mechanical mods such as the Able, Timekeeper, Optic, Diplomat, Aileron and many more these guys won’t be going anywhere anytime soon!

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