Cotton & Cable Fruit Fool



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Cotton & Cable Fruit Fool

Cotton & Cable Fruit Fool is made up of juicy apple and succulent pear balanced with ripe banana and fresh orange, with a medley of summer fruits folded in rich cream.

These flavours have been developed and crafted for some years now and have been around for just as long, and now they have brought us their range in shortfill and we are just as excited as you will once you have this in your tank!

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  • Butter Mint
  • Custard Tart
  • Eton Mess
  • Hot Cross Bun
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Now if these don’t make you jump around the room for joy then you shouldnt be here, but if you click here then you can find the rest of our eliquid that we carry!

Don’t worry this eliquid comes with a nicotine shot included, so there is no need to add one on.

To make 3mg add one Nic Shot to the bottle and then shake thoroughly.
The Nic Shot must not be vaped separately. The Nic Shot liquid is a pure unflavoured concentrate.


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