Coil Master – Ceramic Tweezers

Coil Master – Ceramic Tweezers


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Coil Master – Ceramic Tweezers

The latest Coil Master – Ceramic Tweezers is lightweight.

The ceramic tips offer;

  • zero electro-magnetic induction
  • 100% electric insulation
  • 100% non-magnetic
  • 100% non-static
  • high thermal resistance
  • high resistance to corrosion
  • very resistant to wear
  • Replaceable Ceramic Tip
  • Heat Resistance

The Ceramic tweezers let you pack and squeeze the coils together while actively firing and therefore allowing you to get that rebuildable set up just right. There’s no other better tool to perfect your coil building.

The colour of tweezers may vary.

If you need some more building supplies then follow this link.

But if you were looking for some wire then check out Immolation Competition Wire.


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