Avidlyfe – Teal Flattered Able


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Avidlyfe – Teal Flattered Able

Avidlyfe – Teal Flattered Able is the same popular Able Mod but with a new finish. The Able Comp Mod reflects qualities that Avid Lyfe is known for.  High quality materials, precision machining, USA-made, and hitting like a freight train!

Features of theAvid Lyfe –  Teal flattered Able mod:

  • 24mm diameter; thick walls for higher conductivity and heft
  • Avid Lyfe’s trademark “top hat” hybrid-style cap bridges a direct connection between your atomizer and battery, and adjusts for a snug battery fit with flush sitting of the atomizer
  • Tube accomodates 18650 battery(only) inside, and interchangeable sleeves outside
  • 110 copper firing pin (99.9% pure copper, electrical conductivity rating of 100+% IACS)
  • Adjustable bottom-fire button with opposing rare earth magnets and thread-locking mechanism
  • Matte finish anodized aluminum ables with stainless steel top cap and button


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