AvidLyfe – Modfather Black

AvidLyfe – Modfather Black


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AvidLyfe – Modfather Black

Look no further than the AvidLyfe – Modfather Black for a precision-machined top cap; this cap is the perfect addition to your cloud-chucking setup.

Product Features:

  •  24mm diameter
  • Titanium
  • Knurled top for grip
  • Dual chamfered 11/64 airholes
  • Fits Battle Deck, Torpedo, Tugboat, Mutation V2, V3, 20mm Apocolypse, and Headshot atty decks
  • Made in the USA

So make sure you pick one of these up with the matching deck

Now that you have your new shiny bits why not take a look at some new eliquid and grab a couple of bottles, it would be rude not too (if we dont mind saying!)


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