Avid Lyfe – Aviator Cap & Sleeve


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Avid Lyfe – Aviator Cap & Sleeve

Avid Lyfe – Aviator Cap & Sleeve is a great way to personalize your mod and support a great cause,

This set up is a perfect set up for those of you that want to stand out

The set includes;

  • Avid Lyfe – aviator team captains cap with 24mm Diameter, dual 11/64 airholes, engraved with the Cancer research logo that fits on all battle decks, Tugboat V1/V2, Mutation V2/V3, and the Torpedo Atty
  • Avid Lyfe – aviator team Sleeve

This Avid Lyfe mod would look great with the matching Battle Deck on your AV Mod!



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green, teal blue


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